[thoughts] Giving thanks from afar

This year was the second year that I’ve spent Thanksgiving on campus. Why didn’t I go home? Part of it could be that tickets cost around $1500 and I didn’t feel like spending that much. The other part is probably because I would only get to spend around 2 days at home – most of which I would probably end up sleeping.

So I decided to spend my days here on campus. At first I thought it would be like last year, in which I spent around 5 days sitting around on my friend’s apartment floor watching TV and sleeping – and then watching TV and sleeping some more. But I found out a couple friends were staying as well, and one even decided to host her own Thanksgiving, turkey, stuffing, the works. The meal was delicious – good food, good company, and a lot to give thanks for.

The next day I proceeded to try out my first Black Friday (well, unless you count the time I was 7 and traumatized for life). I had a big breakfast and headed to the stores. We left the mall around 2. Exhausted. And then I remembered why I never attempted Black Friday – I left the mall with a migraine that didn’t subside until late that night.

Here I am in all my triumphant (?) glory. I did get great boots at Black Friday though.

But really, near, far, alone, or with friends – there’s a lot to give thanks for.

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