Finals week distractions


Here are the things I’ve been/and not been doing

  • Drinking caffeine: I have been drinking diet cokes like it’s nobody’s business. Seriously, Coke should give me a medal. Either that or I owe McDonald’s a lot of money since all I do is sit in a booth all day and get refills. But in my defense, I bought breakfast and I earned that 4 dollars I spent on a egg mcmuffin.
  • Running: I’ve actually gotten back into it and am LOVING running. Give it up for finals? Not a chance. It’s a nice break to be able to move your legs after hours of sitting in a booth and doing nothing but (not) studying and drinking diet coke (see above).
  • (thinking about) Skydiving: Yesterday’s groupon was for skydiving at Triangle Skydiving Center, a skydiving center about an hour and a half away from Duke. I’ve been their twice and both times have been a ridiculous stress reliever. There’s nothing like jumping out of a plane at 13,500 feet up in the air to get rid of all your worries.
  • Outfit planning: I’ve added Kendi Everyday to the blogs I read, and now all I want to do is stop studying and plan some outfits.
  • (not) Studying: This one is iffy. I’ve spent probably half the time that I’ve said I was “studying”… not studying and doing the aforementioned things. I have also been on youtube and xkcd. I am guilty.

In other news, I am leaving for sunny California in 6 days. Well, sunny is very relative right now. Durham is in the 20s-30s at night (when I actually have to go outside to go back home), and anything above that seems like paradise.

2 finals, 1 paper to go. Let’s get them over with and go to LA.

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