Resolution #1: Write More


Though a few (ok, six) days late, I present… New Year’s Resolution #1:

(image: jj pacres)

I realized how much I don’t write anymore. I used to fill up notebooks, underline everything I read for inspiration… now I live off of this computer (another sign that technology is taking over the world).

So this year, 2011, I hope to write more. And not just on a blog where typing just seems to be a never-ending drone of clicking keys, but with pen and paper. I used to free write a lot. And I realize I miss it. Also, it was good for me to get my thoughts out on paper and actually write out the individual letters.

First thing I do when I can is buy a journal, nice pen (because it always helps to write when you’re not using a 50 cent pen. Fact!) and jot down thoughts.

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