19 days in… what have I learned?


As I’m slowly acclimating myself to a new year (side note: Anyone else writing 2010 on everything? Well, that’s difficult, especially when working in an office with piles of paperwork), I ask myself what this first transition period has taught me.

A new year comes with resolutions, sure, but it also comes with “imaginary resolutions” (as I’ve temporarily, till coming up with something better, termed then). What have I accomplished that sets apart 2011 from 2010, and will I continue on with it? Or in simpler terms, what have I learned (so far)?

Well, it’s not worth a Nobel prize or anything, but here we go:

  • People are people. People will disappoint you. Coming back from a great holiday and vacation, I expected the same joyous occasion once I got back to school… highly false. Lots of drama and lots of stress. But I’m trying to remind myself not to get involved and to concentrate on my goals.
  • However, I’m also trying to learn not to isolate myself in sole pursuit of those goals. After all, loneliness is not a desired route.Surround yourself with people – but with people that will help further you and challenge you.
  • Clean up my life. I’ve learned that organization is key. It makes your life and others’ lives a million times easier. This goes for both physical (keep my room clean, keep a daily schedule) to mental (am I thinking clearly? Or am I just making things harder by replaying them over and over in my head?). Of course, this is much easier said, than done.
  • Resolutions should be done in steps. I’ve realized I’ve made no major progress in my resolutions, but that’s because I’ve made no small goals within them. For example: get a (new) driver’s license…
    1. I should start reviewing the driver’s manual
    2. Get a ride to the DMV
    3. Take the written test and obtain a permit
    4. Practice driving before the test
    5. Take the driving test

When broken up into five steps, it’s easier to complete and it puts you on the right track.

So that’s just a bit of what I’ve learned in the past 3 weeks or so. Hopefully as the year goes on I’ll learn more and accomplish beneficial things in 2011.

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