Highly caffeinated people do more good


Today I chose to do good with coffee.

Ha. No really. Well, sort of. It really had to do with my thirst for something caffeinated and warm and anything that would keep me awake for this early morning to afternoon shift at work. But I’ve been trying to buy organic and fair trade coffee lately.

Now, being somewhat of a fan of a certain coffee chain (to go unnamed, let’s just say they’re popular), I used to swear by their coffee and theirs alone. But I’ve been learning towards fair trade, mainly because of this: Fair Trade coffee invests in local communities, their workers, and the future of that community. When you buy fair trade, you support the workers by giving them their fair living wage, and you simultaneously go against the commercial business practice of leaving workers with minimum wage – which often is insufficient in keeping their families with the bare minimum to survive. While also directly helping families, supporting fair trade will also allow you to invest money in the community because your revenue will go back and forth in the local economy.

I might not believe in decaffeinated coffee, but fair trade I can believe in.

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