Thoughts on a Saturday Morning


What’s nice about being a second semester senior is that you pretty much decide how you live your life. Although I’m still pretty busy, my academic life doesn’t pose too many threats to my regular life as it used to. I still have classes (3) and a job, and volunteering, but they’re more flexible than they used to be. I can switch things around, and sacrifice a Saturday or two to do absolutely nothing.

So here I am on at 2 in the morning on a Saturday, thinking over the past week, the semester so far, and life in general (cliche, much?).

As awesome as being a second-semester senior is, I have been wondering lately whether it’s changing my view on taking advantage of all opportunities. Am I being adventurous enough? As ridiculous as my schedule was in past years, I went skydiving, rock climbing, sailing… and now, here I am sitting in front of my TV, watching reruns. Watching, isn’t even the word. I’m just sitting as colors run by, a mess of blurs.

On one hand I feel like I deserve this break. After all, I like sitting and reading a book in my cozy room. But then why do I feel so guilty? Is this how all seniors feel?

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