Looking out

I love looking through old pictures, you never know what exactly you’re going to find. Another thing I love is how a photo taken two years ago can relate so much to your life right now. This is my life.


See you this summer… hopefully!

Moments like these

Point and shoot, blurry, and overly saturated – but it’s these moments we remember. Happy birthday Lynds!

Lent 2011: Food for thought

My first Lent was in 2007, when I gave up television, youtube videos, and movies. It was a good experience, and definitely an eye-opener for how much my life gets sucked up by entertainment and technology. Freshman year in college I didn’t give up anything, and I didn’t give up anything sophomore year either (unless…


Went to the new International and Comparative Studies website today, and oh hi, photograph by me! It was taken at the Noryangjin Seafood Wholesale Market, in Seoul. I took it over the summer when I went to take pictures of a 5AM auction. Here’s the original:

New Orleans, in a nutshell

It has been a busy week, to say the least. Friday we left for New Orleans, stopping in Georgia along the way. Mardi Gras was in full blow as we arrived – beads being thrown everywhere. Literally. I came back today and looked on the sole of my boot, and there is a bead permanently…

Road trip, road trip, road trip

From one road trip, to another – I seem to be on the road quite a lot lately. This weekend we are heading to: Athens, GA New Orleans, LA Orlando, FL Daytona, FL Quite excited about the itinerary and the sunshine we’ll see. I’m in need of a good tan. Must get through the grueling…