Spring needs to leave

Anyone else suffer from ridiculous allergies during the Spring? I do. And the ironic thing is, I never knew it was allergies. I lived in North Carolina when I was a kid and had no problems, but then I moved abroad when I was twelve. When I got back to North Carolina for college, I just thought I got really bad colds during allergy months. But last year I was diagnosed with tree-pollen allergies and since then it’s been miserable. Especially since pollen levels in North Carolina are ridiculous.

I went to my monthly visit to the doctor (aka when my allergies get so bad I don’t know whether it’s the allergies or I have some death-sentence disease). I’ve had the same doctor for over a year but got a new one this time. The first thing she says to me after looking down my throat: “Oh you have ALLERGIES all right”… thanks Doc.

Apparently my allergies are taking a unique turn because they’re really severe but it shows no outward signs… according to her people with my condition of allergies get black strains outside their eyes so they look like they’ve been beaten up, which in all seriousness is how I feel. I suppose I should be thankful I don’t look like death. But thank goodness allergy season is coming to an end (just in time for me to leave, hrmph) and she said the beach is perfect for us allergy-haters-anonymous (AHA, for short). So a trip to Myrtle next week is much anticipated.

Ok, yearly rant about allergies is over. Or maybe my last one for a while, since Indonesia doesn’t have a pollen problem… it’s the pollution that’ll get me there. Just kidding.


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