Gorgeous day outside

It was the day before Calvin’s 22nd birthday, and a beautiful day. Light streaming in through the windows, sunshine outside. What do you do?

Why, stay inside, turn on the TV, pop in multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and bake a layer cake.

Of course, no cake-baking day is complete without some batter tasting. Would we have had a larger cake if we hadn’t? Maybe. I’m not saying anything.

It was my first attempt at a layer cake. Tips I learned quickly: Don’t take the layers out of the pan until they’re COMPLETELY cool. And also, don’t frost until they’re cool. It makes the process a million times easier.

You may ask, with a fun-fetti cake (melted sprinkles on the inside), wouldn’t it be just too much to put sprinkles on the outside? My answer – you can never have too many sprinkles. Decorate – done.

Happy birthday Brave, Brave, Sir Calvin!

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