To market, to market

One of my favorite things to do when I come back to Indonesia is walk around on the streets. This street is literally “Big Market Street” – perfect. There are a lot of details, a lot of visuals to soak up. This particular part of the street is in the textile neighborhood, where 80% of the entire street is textile shops and shops that sell items related to sewing and whatnot. I went to get some canvas to cover my windows but then just got distracted by all the happenings going on around me.

Note to self: traffic laws don’t really exist in Indonesia. Pedestrian crossing especially does not exist.

I take that for granted. I almost died crossing this street. Apparently a woman with a camera trying to cross the road is code for “go faster” to cars and motorcycles. Who knew?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tabi says:

    I love it. Love reading your Blog entries!
    Soon, we’ll go on those streets together… I’ll protect you from those crazy drivers.


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