Hong Kong, yet again

Seriously, of all the airports I’ve been in, I don’t think I’ve frequented an airport as much as I have at Hong Kong International. I am in and out of this place about 5 times a year, and now it just seems so familiar. My itinerary here always seems to be the same too. I get off the plane, go through security, then head straight to…

After hours of being on a flight full of screaming kids (by the way, why is it that I’m always seated near screaming kids?) and bad plane food, I can count on good old Starbucks to take my order exactly the way I want it, and let my mind be at ease for a while. Dramatic much? Maybe. I kind of have strong feelings and opinions when it comes to coffee. But that’s another story.

HKIA not only is designed beautifully, but also has a lot to do. One of the best airports for shopping that I’ve ever seen, actually. Once, I was here on a layover for 13 hours, and I wasn’t bored for a minute… but maybe that’s due to my obsession with shopping, who knows.

But now, they’re calling me for boarding – off to Seoul! Catch you later, HK.

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