Looks good, tastes good


Living in a college dorm doesn’t allow for much cooking. We had a kitchen, as did every other dorm, but it was difficult to buy the ingredients I needed and to take the time to cook something. Or, if I’m going to be honest – I was pretty lazy.

But being out of school’s made it easier for me to cook my own food, and I’ve been cooking pretty regularly. Indonesia’s great for getting fresh ingredients, because all we have to do is go to the nearest market and find something that was probably in the ground, growing, less than a few days ago.

Being in Korea’s a different story. A lot of the stuff is fresh, as well, but it’s also pretty gorgeous to look at. I go to the grocery store to see what they have and everything is on display and looks pretty adorable. Korea is one of the greatest in the world at design, and they’re not amiss when it comes to food, either.

I found spinach-carrot heart-shaped pasta today – it doesn’t get cuter than this, folks.

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