Eating Out


I’m not one to eat out very much –

  • first of all, it’s a lot more cost-efficient to cook at home..
  • second, now that I’m not in college, I’m usually alone for meals, and it’s a bit strange in my opinion to go out to eat by yourself
  • and third, I’m pretty much one of the laziest people on earth. Going out to eat means effort, and effort, my friend – well, sometimes that’s just out of reach for me.

But Korea brings out the foodie in me. Food here ranges from completely Western in nature, to traditional Korean, to fusion of random cultures. And it’s not just that the food is delicious but it’s just so nice to look at. It matches my philosophy on food exactly: looks good, tastes good. It almost fills you up just to look at it.

Strange, I know. But here’s some eye candy.

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