Pizza Toast (aka the poor college grad’s pizza)

So I mentioned in one of my previous posts that eating out is expensive… it’s definitely true. Too bad I don’t listen to my own advice. I’ve been eating out a LOT lately and it’s definitely putting a dent in my wallet. So this past weekend I didn’t go out at all and cooked all my own food… well, except for pouring milk in my cereal – though some would call that cooking, I guess.

One of my favorite meals was my pizza toast – which I fondly now call “the poor college grad’s pizza” because in all honesty, it tastes like pizza, it smells like pizza, and it’s pretty much as cheap as pizza. I also had to share it with everyone in my apartment – which was basically what happened during college.

Anyway, the delicious guidelines (I prefer”guidelines” to “recipe”, because let’s be real, people. It’s pizza. It’s not rocket science):

  • Preheat oven to 360 Fahrenheit. That’s around 180 Celsius. Or what I really mean: just get your oven really hot, ok?

  • Chop up veggies. I used mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. But really, you use whatever is in your fridge.

  • Cook veggies if you want – I like my veggies soft and fully cooked, so I usually sauté them. It only takes a few minutes but if you’re in a hurry, skip this step. (If you eat meat this would be the step where you cook it, or reheat it, whatever)

  • On a piece of bread (what bread? Any bread you have – I’ve found this works on naan, baguettes, pitas, you name it), spread about a tablespoon of marinara sauce. I just used spaghetti sauce we had in a jar. Then, put the piece of bread on a cookie sheet (spread with a bit of EVOO).

  • Pile the veggies (and/or meat) onto the bread and generously sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese over the bread.
  • Pop in the oven for about 10 minutes or until cheese is all melted and – done, there’s lunch.

  • Do dishes, I guess. I usually just leave them in the sink for the next person.

Just kidding. Maybe. 

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