We’re halfway there

I’m happy to say that I’m starting my second week of teaching. Pretty much all the teachers I’ve met (who, let me say, are so much more experienced than me, therefore soooo helpful) have told me that “the first two weeks are the worst.”

Glad to know I’m halfway there through “the worst.” Though really, I’m hoping that this second week goes better than the first. First of all, I’ve just got more planned generally. I’d like to think I’m not completely drowning here. The kids seem to know me and my style a bit better, and the number of students that have that blank expression on their faces has gone down from a lot, to only a few. (or maybe I’m just telling myself this, I don’t know).

My next mission is to reduce the number of stuff I carry back and forth from home and work. Right now the average is 2 textbooks, 2 notebooks, a plethora of grading, my lunch, my coffee, my water, laptop, and all the rest of my junk in my purse (I really should clean that out sometime). At this rate my back will fall apart before the school year ends.

And that’s all for today. Pictures soon, I promise.

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