The Instagram Diaries

Having a full-time job has left little time for pictures.

First, who knew teachers carried around so much stuff. Most days I have a tote, a paper bag and two books in my free hand on the way to and from work. Try to fit a dSLR in there… are you kidding?

Second, I tried doing shoots a couple times after work, and it’s just not really possible. Not only is the lighting not great, but I’m usually too wiped out to care about anything.

So needless to say, the only photography I’ve done has been limited to my phone and ipod. I’ve fondly started to call this collection “the instagram diaries” because it actually gives a good chronology of what I’ve been doing the past three months.

This is what part of the instagram diaries looks like:

Hopefully some better (not-so-square) images will be coming this way soon.

Cross your fingers.

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