1/4 over

It is the end of a quarter, my friends!

That means no work for the weekend, or Monday – or Tuesday.

And since I was soooo on top of things I have barely any grading to do. Well, if you count the calculations feature on Google docs being on top of things… technology is awesome. I still have a few lesson plans to do but I have done absolutely nothing productive since I got off work on Friday, and let me tell you – it feels good.

On Friday, one of my students brought cupcakes to class to celebrate the end of a quarter (hey, no one failed!) and it was delicious. Of course, being a cupcake addict fan, I came back home and was not satisfied with just the one I’d eaten that day. I made two dozen mocha chocolate chip cupcakes.

Needless to say… there are no more cupcakes in my house. They’re all gone.


Today I decided to be a good teacher and go to the office/art supply store – I was mainly looking for folders, more white board markers (side note: I am convinced someone goes into my classroom every night and draws a mural with my markers… they literally run out every other day), and other things I could use in my classroom.

Instead I walked out of the store with a huge canvas, some new acrylic paint, and a bunch of new brushes. I forgot how cheap art supplies are here and in my excitement I temporarily forgot that I was supposed to buy markers until I got home. But really, can anyone blame me? I got a board that’s 17″ by 25″ for THREE dollars. It would have been a sin (ok, not really) not to buy it.

Anyway, that’s my break so far. It’s been wonderfully unproductive.

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