I’ve been following Dana’s MADE blog for a couple years now, and I love everything on it. She’s basically a DIY genius… x100. I always love seeing her photos of her creations.

Now, I usually don’t enter giveaways for blogs – first, because my eternal scar inside from never winning anything gets its feelings hurt, and second, I live in Indonesia at the moment… so even if I win, “getting” anything is always going to be a problem. But Dana had a giveaway last week for a book by Katie Evans Photography, “The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer”… and best of all, it was an e-book – so no hassle of shipping.

(image credit: Katie Evans)

For those of you that don’t know – photography books cost $$$. And yes, three dollar signs are necessary. Also, despite what many think, photography is a constant learning process. You never actually “finish” learning. You always want to be looking into new experimental processes and getting information from other photographers. But once again, doing that costs $$$.

So I was soooooo glad and over the moon when I found out just a little while ago that I was one of the five out of over a thousand to win a copy.

I am soooo excited (can you tell? lots of extra vowels today).

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