A realization

You know what’s even better than icing?


Today was my first attempt at cake in Indonesia. From scratch. Seriously, I took boxed cake for granted. And frosting. First time EVER making frosting from scratch. Of course, the cake didn’t compare to my Brave, Brave Sir Calvin cake.. but it came pretty close. Delish.

In other news, my new photography site is finished! It looks great, thanks to Connor, coding god. Hopefully I have some new photos to add to it soon, I’m waiting to schedule some portraits. It has been incredibly busy lately though. It’s funny, I thought that once I got used to teaching, I would have less work. Turns out it’s actually the other way around. At least I’m not as stressed out as I used to be. Or maybe that’s what I keep telling myself.

But for now, frosting for dinner.

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