Turkey on Friday


Yesterday I cooked my first-ever Thanksgiving dinner. It was the day after Thanksgiving, but we unfortunately had to work on Thursday, so Friday was the next best thing.

Back in September, D (friend and fellow teacher) and I decided that cooking Thanksgiving dinner would be fun. To be honest, I really didn’t think we would go through with it. After all, we live in Indonesia where turkeys are a) hard to find and b) expensive. But we decided to go through with it.

This last week we frantically shopped for food and looked recipes. Yesterday we convened at the school kitchen at 12:30 to cook dinner for 13. Thank goodness D had done this once before or I would’ve been completely lost.

We ended up pulling it off – the turkey was cooked (an hour late, but still), sides were done, and though we failed to successfully make the gravy, we still had a ton of leftovers.

I had no idea though, that it took this much effort to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I have so much respect for the people who do it year after year. I’m so glad we ended up doing it, but next year? I think I’ll order in.

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