And… we’re here

Who knew this moment would come? I’m actually done with my first semester of teaching full-time. It’s been a long, and sleepless semester – but I’m really proud of the work my kids have done. I’m glad they’ve stuck with me throughout this introductory period. There have definitely been days when my computer broke or the xerox machine would rebel and I had to improvise on the day’s lesson… but kids are so much more accepting of situations than adults are. And I appreciate them for it.

A few of my kids are leaving to transfer to new schools, which I am a bit sad about. But, I took that as an opportunity to take some class pictures.

8th grade World History

11th grade American Literature


6th grade Math

Such a wide range of kids – but I am so glad I got to teach them this semester.

I’m looking forward to next quarter. A new quarter means new challenges, new problems, and more adventures.

But for now – a three week break – thank goodness.

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