Lent, among other things

I have been a pretty sporadic writer these past few months. Apologies, they have been ridiculously busy months. With all the grading, designing, (other) writing, and oh yeah – taxes… this little journal of my life temporarily had to be tucked away in a corner.

Anyway, an update on what’s been going on: during the last month or so I’ve been observing lent. I decided to give up sweets this year. Sweets for me includes any sort of dessert, anything with some form of table sugar, all fruit/soda drinks and chocolate (yes, that is in a group of its own)

It has been difficult – to say the least. Now everyone knows that each year I try to observe lent in a different way. I only succeeded in making it through once (one year I actually thought chocolate-covered strawberries didn’t count as chocolate. Yes, I’m that dumb) but this year I was determined to succeed.

Yeah, it didn’t happen. Apparently on day 8 my subconscious decided that donuts weren’t sweets. It seemed silly to give up on day 8 and I’ve been observing it ever since. It’s not easy, but thankfully I have my students to keep me accountable. I think it stresses me out a bit not to be able to snack or have some sugar in my system – but I know by the time I’m done it’s going to be better both mentally and physically. So here we go, the last two-week stretch.

What else is going on? Well, the last month has actually been full of travel. I was able to take a week off of work to go to Singapore. I was able to meet up with a friend from college and spend some time with her and her friends. That was great. As much as I love the students I teach, sometimes I crave social interaction with people in their 20s. I also love all the architecture there – parts of it remind me of Manhattan, while others remind me of little French villages. One street I passed had within my viewpoint: a skyscraper, an ancient Chinese temple, and an adorable little European-style cafe. Loved it.

I also had “Spring Break” (woohoo) which meant that after I finished my pile(s) of grading and paperwork which was about a few days after all the kids started their break, I was able to jet off to Malaysia for a few days. I went to Kuala Lumpur for the first time ever (unless you count the time I was in the airport for 8 hours… which I’m tempted to say did count, thank you very much) and was as touristy as you could possibly get. My friend L and I walked all over KL and by the time we were done, our feet were near falling off and we had been filled with enough Indian food to last us a century. (Did everyone except for me know that KL has awesome Indian food?)

Malaysia really is a gorgeous country. I love all the colors that pop out over there. I wish there were pictures other than those from instagram – but that seems to be all I have enough energy to carry around these days. But next trip – promise, some good photos are on their way.


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