Yup, still a teacher

I recently came back to California for a much-needed vacation. Well, yes I’ve been working on lesson plans and curriculums since graduation, but there’s something about being in Los Angeles that makes me feel a bit more free. My days have been spent in gorgeous 80 degree weather and with Target less than a mile away – What more can a girl ask for?

But what I’ve discovered is that you can take the girl out of the teacher, but you can’t take the teacher out of the girl (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase – does it work?). While helping out a friend at her church, I started talking to some kids. They were 5th grade girls who so reminded me of my 6th grade munchkins that I immediately warmed to them.

Conversation went as follows:
Girl 1: Can we help glue the clouds?
Girl 2: And sprinkle glitter?
Me: Sure. Why not?
Minor chaos ensues due to glitter and glue everywhere.
Me: Er… ok, why don’t you guys go wash your hands?
30 seconds pass.
Girl 1: Ok! All done!
Me: Did you use soap?
Girl 1: (Stares at feet)
Me: You just rinsed with water, huh?
Girl 1: (Nods. Still staring at feet)
Me: All right. Get back and don’t come back here until you’ve used soap.

… So even on vacation, I’m a teacher. Either that or I’m becoming more like my mother. Take your pick.

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