Nope, still not done


So the move has happened. And yet, two weeks in and we still have about 10 boxes to go, people. These 10 boxes, however, seem to be things that I do not necessarily depend on… therefore, they’re just happily gaining dust in the middle of my living room. Who knows, maybe I’ll just start using them as coffee tables…

Work… has also been chaotic. With it being the middle of a quarter, I find myself often buried with work. I love it, but sometimes I wonder when the pile I have (neatly?) stacked on my desk will ever get smaller.

But then there are the little things. The things that make you smile in the middle of your 8:00am backache. Like how bringing in a box of donuts can suddenly make your room erupt in cheers. Or how the kids suddenly seem to think they should document their lives on my macbook. And how I’ll go home every night and find about 30 pictures of students making funny faces on my photobooth. That’s the good stuff that makes you forget that you’re currently hunched over a desk grading papers.

Back to chaos it is – But it’s going to be a good day.

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