Sweet potato thoughts

So I’m sitting at my desk, listening to Christmas music (yes, I get it. I’m obsessed), drinking a mug of coffee. But all that wonderful goodness is dampened by the fact that I have been grading papers since Friday night. I am so tired of reading page after page. Believe me, I love my students more than anything but there is nothing I would rather do right now than shut my computer shut and hope that all the files are magically erased from my hard drive.

And now, I grab a bite of freshly baked sweet potato bread. And my mind automatically reminds itself to switch to thanksgiving mode. I should be thankful that I have a job I enjoy, thankful that my students work hard on their work, thankful that they’re learning how to do one of the toughest things in college, and yes, thankful for sweet potatoes.

It irks me a bit though – how is it that I so often need to be reminded to give thanks? I suppose that’s the way us humans err on a daily basis. We constantly forget that there is so much to give thanks for, even if it isn’t thanksgiving day. After all, I can’t have sweet potatoes every day to keep a thankful heart (though really, wouldn’t that be an amazing reason to feast on sweet potatoes?)… but if it means having to eat delicious food… so be it.

Have a happy, wonderful Thanksgiving!

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