[food] FRZ Frozen Custard!

I feel like I’m always looking for ice cream.. Some friends and I heard about the owners of Brooklyn the Burger Joint (future post… coming soon) opening up a frozen custard shop called FRZ (pronounced freeze) – so we trekked over to Samseong to check it out!

First thing you’ll notice is that both the exterior and interior are absolutely adorable – classic American ice cream shop!

They had a variety of flavors available – and even some sorbets for those of you that aren’t fans of custard or cream – some of my favorites: Honey lavendar, Thai tea, Rocky road, Dulce de leche! (all great!)

You can get scoops in cones or cups, or they also have a specialty menu – popsicles, cookie ice cream sandwiches… and *wait for it* smores icecream – ice cream covered in marshmallow and toasted with a torch.

I ended up getting the above: brownie chocolate cookies with dulche de leche ice cream (the server’s recommendation!). Absolutely divine.

Frozen custard scares some people because they feel like it’ll be too… eggy (is that the word?). But no fear, FRZ has unique flavors, but their custard flavor is quite mild and really enjoyable. A great way to spend a weekend (or weekday) evening, if you ask me.

To get to FRZ, head out of Samseong Stn (line 2) Exit 5, turn right at the Hyundai Department store and walk straight to the end of the road and turn left (you’ll see a temple at the intersection) and then make the first left. Both Brooklyn and FRZ will be on your right!

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