[food] Cafe May B

So although I’ve moved to Gangnam, I guess I had old business to take care of back in the Guro area – and by old business I mean a cafe that I’ve been eyeing and never had the chance to get to.

Last weekend, I had a day off because it was Korea’s Liberation Day, so I made my way over to the old neighborhood to check outCafe MayB, a giant (I repeat, GIANT) warehouse that has been transformed into a coffee roastery and brunch cafe. The location caught me off guard because it’s so spacious. Considering how real estate tends to go vertical instead of horizontal in Korea, you can understand my surprise.

The interior is a vintage, rustic vibe with mismatched chairs and chandeliers – I loved it. There were already people by 10am, plugged into their laptops, listening to smooth jazz and in their own worlds, studying or working.

Indoor and outdoor seating was plentiful and the whole atmosphere was laid back – I almost felt like I was back on the east coast somewhere, surrounded by forest… though in reality, we were in the middle of Guro Digital Complex… where it’s mostly factories. But for a second there, they fool ya.

The service was great, and their coffee was spectacular. The food was all right – but the star was the coffee, roasted at the warehouse.

To make your way to Cafe MayB, head to Guro Digital Complex (line 2), exit 3. The cafe will be visible as soon as you make your way out the exit.

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