I’m quite possibly the worst blogger ever to walk the face of the earth. But my friends, sometimes life just puts blogging on the backburner.

First off, I started a new job outside of Seoul. While going ANYWHERE in Seoul takes minimum 40 minutes to an hour, I realized that the commute takes quite a lot out of me. From home to my office, it takes a good 90 minutes one way. I was tired, and starting to burn out. But now, six months in (halfway through my contract!) I feel much better, and most days I feel like I have a solid handle on my life.

So with my new job, and also some family issues and other things added onto that… I’ve realized that I’ve put writing in a very small and dusty corner of my mind… which to be honest, is a bit unfortunate. I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed reading too. Hopefully as the summer starts off and I *might* get some downtime… this blog will find some new life again.

And in the meantime, to give you some eyecandy… some deliciousness from my kitchen. I discovered a lot while I was away… vegan baking, layer cakes, the joy of frozen fruit, and making my own ricotta cheese…

Cuz… you didn’t think I starved while I was away, did you? 

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