[food] Oido clam bake

Well, at least this time I didn’t take a few months to write another blogpost – it’s only been a couple (?) of weeks, right?

Around August I came back from Cambodia (oh yeah, I went to Cambodia! More on that another time), and was really feeling the heaviness and the frustrations of the crowds in Seoul. My friends and I decided to go to the ocean to get away from the city.

Oido is on the west coast of Korea and is relatively close to Seoul. By public transportation it only takes a couple of hours. With a car, it’s only an hour – very reasonable. I’m so glad we did, because although we got there later in the afternoon, we got there in time to catch the gorgeous sunset.

To get there, take line number 4 to “Oido” station, and take a cab to the Oido pier. You’ll find a boardwalk and a whole row of clam-bake restaurants. Some look fairly tacky, some look tiny, and others look gigantic and admittedly a bit daunting. But trust me, all are delicious.

We got unlimited clams for 30,000won, which includes side dishes and (wait for it) unlimited booze. Dongdong-ju… aside from the ridiculous name, is a traditional alcohol which tastes a lot like the rice wine makgeolli but with a carbonated/fermented kick. It’s delicious and pairs well with the saltiness of the clams.

After dinner, feel free to go back to the boardwalk. The view is still just as amazing, and there’s a precious old lady who sells fireworks and talks to you about the greatness of life and love and other mysteries.

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