[food] Shaved Ice in Honolulu

Everyone knows that I have a soft spot in my heart for ice cream. There’s just something about having a cold ice cream on a hot summer day. It’s supported me through many a tough time, and to be honest if someone asked me what food I could never give up – it would be ice cream.

But – I found a rival to be dealt with when I was in Honolulu. Shaved Ice. Magically small flakes of ice – no SNOW – that are covered in delicious syrups and sauces. They were so tangy and fresh and refreshing under the hot Hawaiian sun.

Here are my top two places to get shaved ice in Honolulu:


Waiola’s Shaved Ice

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My friend Marisa took me to this place on my second day in Hawaii and that’s when I knew I was in love. With flavors and toppings galore but so quaint in a corner of a small shopping area, Waiola’s doesn’t mess around.

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I got the lilikoi with some mochi – the chewiness of the mochi mixed with the fruity taste of the lilikoi (passion fruit in Hawaiian), it’s an unlikely but amazing match.


You can get a combination of syrups and flavors and toppings. It’s really a DIY dessert. Prices were reasonable, and there are a couple of benches outside to sit and enjoy.

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Find Waiola’s at : 1050 Ala Moana Blvd · +1 808-591-9922


Hau Nani Shave Ice

Alright, if Waiola was my crush, then Hau Nani was my lover.

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Hau Nani is in the middle of a foodtruck PARK – I loved it. They have shrimp and rice, burgers, some yaki soba, but you know I only had eyes for my shaved ice.

Again, lots of different flavors and toppings, but the ice here was more fine and had a creamy-texture. The gentlemen who run the truck are so easygoing and explain what they would recommend.

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I was clearly enamored. Look at my face, guys.

I was actually stuck in Honolulu on my way back to Korea for a whole day (I know, what a horrible fate), and ended up going back to the truck for one last look at the beauty that is their lilikoi shaved ice… and whenever I do go back to Honolulu, I know it’ll be one of the first places I visit.

To head to Hau Nani : 234 Beach Walk, Honolulu, +1  808-304-4974

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