[food] Bas Burger (by Bastille)

If you haven’t gathered yet that I love sweets… I don’t know where you’ve been (but hi, by the way). But I do. One of my favorite ice cream places in Apgujeong Garosugil was Bastille before they moved. Their ice cream with dried ice on the bottom always made me think that what I was eating was magical. And it was. I mean who wouldn’t when there’s cereal and bacon bits on your creamy tower of deliciousness?


But when I heard that Bastille was opening a burger joint… and that burger joint was a block from my office, I was there.

Unfortunately, due to a reservation mishap, I wasn’t able to get a table the first time I dropped by, but the manager felt so bad that he offered to host me free the next time I visited. So yesterday the man and I went for a nice weekday lunch to get our burger on.

The guys there were amazing, and we ordered the Hawaiian burger and the Greedy burger sets with both regular and cajun fries. Like I mentioned, I’m one for sweet things more than salty – so the Hawaiian burger with the pineapple was a nice touch. The fries were nice and crisp, and they even gave us some wings on the side on the house.

Food came out quick. The buns were extremely buttery and soft and there was a lot of filling. I’m not a burger connoiseur, but the man seemed quite pleased with the Greedy burger – aptly named for its double patty and fried egg in the middle.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Needless to say we were stuffed. This would be a great place to come out on weekends as it’s in the financial district. They also have beers on tap, and of course – Bastille’s array of delicious ice creams.

Find Bas Burger at : 20 Geukjegeumyung-ro / Yulchon Building B1.

Phone: 02-784-6643 and visit their facebook: facebook.com/basburger.kr/

Directions: Come out of Yeoido station, exit 4, pass four blocks to the big intersection and turn left at the corner. Yulchon building will be the last building on the block. Make your way down the stairs to Bas Burger!



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