[life] A night for myself

I’m a workaholic by nature and there seems to always be something scheduled in my calendar. Work has been crazy lately with deadlines and translations galore, and weekends don’t seem much easier… but from my experience, I know that if I keep this up for too long – I’ll burn out like a fire pit.

I’ve always known that I needed me-time and a chance to just let my hair down, so when I can I try to take advantage of opportunities to blow off some steam. Most days it’s by going on a run, but a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine approached me about attending an afterparty hosted by one of our friends, Euny from Cut and Curl.

Cut and Curl Event

Cut and Curl is a startup that markets hair and makeup stylists working in the Seoul area. You can see their work, their price ranges, and book your appointment all in one fell swoop. They host multiple events around the city and were the company of choice to end Chungdam’s Cocktail Week.

So at Keepers’ bar last week, they hosted a spectacular evening of drinks, bartender shows, and makeup/hair bars. I had to work a bit late, but made my way over after work to meet some new people, try some delicious cocktails and get my hair and makeup did.

I didn’t get to take many pictures but my friend Wendy did catch one of me practically falling asleep on the makeup chair.

girl getting makeup done

Seoul is one of those places that’s absolutely gorgeous to visit and so much fun to be on the go all the time… but make sure to take some time off for yourself. Go out for a run, grab a girlfriend and get some cocktails, or maybe even just sit in your room and give yourself a makeover.

Take some me-time when you need it. What would you do?

Check out Euny’s company, Cut and Curl

To head to Keepers’, go to 서울 강남구 선릉로152길 18, or head out of exit 4, Apgujeong Rodeo station (Bundang Line). Walk straight till you see a Burger King – turn left and walk up the hill. Pass Butterfinger Pancakes, and Keepers’ will be to your right. Head down to the basement for Keepers’ – open till 3am.


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