[food] Pick-a-Bagel

I’m not on facebook much anymore, but whenever I do check my feed, it seems like my friend Elaine is at this bagel joint. Now, I love me a bagel but I’m never one to rave about a bagel and cream cheese on social media.

So being the lovely friend I am, I made fun of her every chance I got for basically living her life at this original NYC bagel joint. However, curiosity eventually got the best of me and I decided that before I made fun of her one more time I would need to try the bagels out for myself.

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So this weekend I called up Elaine and asked her to show me around at the Apgujeong location of “Pick-a-Bagel.” I was surprised to see how cute and small it was – with limited seating, Pick-a-Bagel smells of freshly baked bagels… which is possibly one of my favorite smells. Point for Pick-a-Bagel.

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They have a variety of bagels and cream cheeses, as well as an assortment of bagel sandwiches.Some of their most interesting cream cheeses include scallion and jalapeno. The bagels range from onion to everything bagel, to the classic cinnamon raisin. The bagels are 2,000 to 3,000won each, and the cream cheeses are 2,000 won.

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Along with coffee, this seems like a great place to drop by for a carby breakfast. They have a wonderful cold brew as well, which Elaine raves about. For our brunch, Elaine got the smoked salmon bagel sandwich (9,000won) which seemed to be on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for some protein, this would be a hearty meal.

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I opted for the New York set, which is a bagel, your choice of cream cheese, and a coffee (iced or hot) for 5,500won. Super affordable, and Abe (the owner) gives you a very generous helping of cream cheese. I went for the whole wheat bagel with honey pecan cream cheese (which apparently is one of their most popular cream cheeses).

To head to Pick-a-Bagel (and apologies in advance for the bad joke) and pick out a bagel, head to Apgujeong Station (line 3), exit 4 and U-turn to go the other way, turn left at the alleyway, pass the KFC and Pick-a-Bagel will be on your left.

Pick a Bagel: 11 Nonhyeon-ro 175gil, Gangnam, Seoul

Open 8am-10pm

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