[food] Baker’s Table

My idea of the perfect breakfast is bread and coffee. That’s it.

Now when I say perfect breakfast, I mean the type of breakfast that I would eat if I didn’t care about the health ramifications and the stomach protruding. But this is a blog post, not a health review. Read on.

I have a weakness for good, hearty bread, and there’s no better time than the morning or the weekend to sit down and enjoy a good, carby meal.

So last weekend, I introduced the man to my favorite bakery here in Seoul, the Baker’s Table. Located in Noksapyeong which is across the river, I don’t make it over there as much as I used to, but I still love the feeling I get when I get close. The streets are full of small shops and restaurants, and there’s a diverse community out to get their first meal of the weekend.

Thankfully, we got there early enough that there wasn’t a long wait (about 10 minutes), and we started off with two iced coffees. The coffee portions here don’t skimp – these people know we mean business when it comes to caffeine.

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I mentioned earlier that my perfect breakfast would be bread and coffee. So coffee – done. The Baker’s Table operates as a restaurant and a bakery, so there’s plenty of bread-eye-candy here to drool over as you wait for your food.

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But though bread is the perfect breakfast, I couldn’t bring the man here just for the bread (we bought a loaf of bread an hour later, okay, and it was delicious, but that’s for another time).

We ended up ordering two dishes: a sandwich and a breakfast platter. It was my first time ordering both of these items from the menu – first, “The Baker’s Table” which was a platter of Bratwurst, bacon, eggs, and a heap serving of fries. Delicious, and so filling. The eggs were spread over the potatoes and the tomato slice, while small was cooked perfectly.

Next, we shared the cilantro-chicken sandwich, which was crispy and perfect and oh-so-cilantro-y in all the right ways. Korea has a love-hate relationship with cilantro so you get an odd mix of opinions about the herb. But the man and I are love-cilantro kind of people so this was a great option for us.

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Poor guy, he always has to deal with my taking pictures of food before he gets to eat. But I think he quite enjoyed it. Overall, this was a great start to a Saturday, and considering how hot it’s gotten lately, the timing was just right to enjoy those early summer days.

To make your way to the Baker’s Table, head to Noksapyeong Station (line 6), come out of exit 2 and walk straight down for around 300 meters. When you get to the entry for the underpass, go down and cross the street, and then cross again (you’ll pass a GS25 convenience store on your right). Then continue walking straight for around 150 meters until you see the bakery on your right.

The Baker’s Table: 070-7717-3501, Yongsan-gu Noksapyeong-dae-ro 244-1. Open daily from 8am to 9pm. (New Location in Seoul Square, but go to the original in Noksa for the atmosphere and experience!)


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  1. Infoélla says:

    Would love to try this place one day!! The food looks absolutely deicious!!!


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