[food] Conversation (and desserts galore)

I hate to be one of those gushy people, but #sorryimnotsorry I’m going to say it anyway. I think one of the reasons that the man and I get along so well is because we like the same things. We both drink coffee like it’s water, we enjoy watching movies, we’re in love with dogs… and we have a supernatural weakness for sweets. So I’m always looking up new dessert places and I know he’ll happily oblige.

This week we decided to head over to Conversation in Garosugil. Conversation was opened up by Russian baker Nina Gudkova, who is already well sought-after in Russia. Her first international store, located in Seoul has been gaining a lot of attention as of late. So after much perusing of online reviews, I was convinced to see and experience it for myself.

What you need to know is that first of all by the look of her cakes, they’re works of art in themselves. Her cakes are beautifully displayed in the store and there are plenty more in the back, just waiting to be sliced into.

The interior of the bakery itself is very down-to-earth and inviting. As the name of the bakery suggests, there seemed to be relaxed conversation in every corner, and space was plentiful.

I love the open baking area – I feel like this kind of interior always gives a sense of trust that the cakes are really being made and not just factory-produced like a lot of franchises or chains do.

Now, the most important part – taste. The man and I opted for the “Whoopie Cake” which according to the server, is the signature cake of Nina.

It’s a chocolate layer cake topped with more chocolate, marshmallows and raspberries and blueberries. Amazingly sweet. I never knew my southern roots could be impressed by cakes outside of North Carolina, but this lady has proven me wrong. The cakes were firm but still moist, and though the man and I wondered if we could finish the whole thing – 15 minutes later…. well, that’s the back of a satisfied sugar-addict.

I do have to warn you – the cakes aren’t cheap. A slice will set you back 13 to 15,000won – and a whole cake can go upwards to 100. However, I will note that though the man and I shared a slice – you could easily split this with 3-4 people and still be satisfied. Make sure to order a cup of coffee or tea to wash down this sweet treat, and perhaps balance out the sweetness if you’re not into too much sugar.

On second thought – scratch that. If you’re not into sugar I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t set a foot in this place. And I’m pretty sure we’re not friends anymore. Just kidding. Not really.

To head to Conversation, head to Sinsa station and walk towards Garosugil. Right across from Fossil, there will be an alleyway, where you can find “Mug for Rabbit” on your right. Walk past that and you will reach a five-way-intersection. Go into the alley past the Basilur cafe. You’ll pass a Latte King and a 24-hour sauna. Conversation will be on your left. 

Conversation: Gangnam-gu Dosan-dae-ro 17. #36. Phone: 070-5123-9398. 

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