[food] Pig in the Garden

For those of you that follow this blog and the Man and my food adventures, it may seem like we eat a gargantuan amount of food that most would consider to unhealthy. But the reality is, as much as we love our “bad” food choices, we also really enjoy a healthy lifestyle. What you see on this blog consists of our weekend meals or special occasions. We go to the gym during the week and pack a lot of our lunches.

However, sometimes we like to meet up during the week for lunch so we like to try to stick to our healthi(er) habits. We were very pleased when a new salad shop opened up near my work building, and we made a date to check it out.


The location is in Yeoido, which is the heart of the finance/enterprise areas of Seoul, and the restaurant is nested right in an office building. The outside was quite cute with mini-awnings, and the interior was trendy as well. With vines and plants everywhere you look, it’s clear they were going for the “healthy eatery” vibe.



We were a bit taken aback by the name of the restaurant, Pig in the Garden, but we figured – we like meat, we like veggies – let’s give it a shot. We looked over the menu, and there are three options when it comes to ordering: the Plate, the Bowl, or DIY. We decided to nix the DIY option and get one Plate (for the Man) and one Bowl (for me).

menu-pig-in-the-garden 2

The bowl options are set menus that range from a seasonal item (currently the Ricotta Salad with Spring Strawberriesa) to quirky mixtures like the Salmon Poke Bowl. We went for the Salmon Poke Bowl, which came with a hearty serving of salmon, mixed grains, and greens.


The Man opted for the Plate which comes with one portion of a grilled meat, and two veggie sides, along with a side salad. He ended up picking the braised pork belly, cous cous, and romaine salad.


We picked our menus and were served in what I can only describe as a salad-assembly-line, and it was mildly reminiscent of my times waiting in the cafeteria for lunch. The line was a bit crowded and after paying at the register, it was a bit difficult to find seating. However, we attributed it to the new-ness of the restaurant and were pretty pleased with ourselves as we snagged some counter-space in a corner.



Overall, the salads aren’t exactly the cheapest – as our meals ranged from 10,500 (poke bowl) to 13,500 (the Plate), but the portions were filling and it was definitely worth trying out in order to have a healthy, well-rounded meal in Yeoido… a difficult feat for most.


Not necessarily for everyday eating, but when you need a detox, head to Pig in the Garden for some fresh, organic eats.

Pig in the Garden: 56 Yeoidae-ro, Hanhwa Insurance Building, 1st floor. Yeoido Station (line 9 or 5), walk out of exit 3, cross the street and continue straight, around 150 meters. Pig in the Garden will be on your right. Phone: 02-761-4272. Open daily from 7am to 10pm

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