[food] Motor City

Reading food blogs is a dangerous thing – ironic, considering I keep a food blog – but you can’t help but to keep a personal list of must-visit places in the corner of your mind when you read reviews or drool over images of new eateries. The list has been getting longer and longer as of late, so a couple of weekends ago the Man and I decided to check another must-eat eatery off the list by heading to Motor City.

We heard about the pizza-spot a few weeks ago through friends who’ve tried it as well as raving reviews on food-blogs based in Seoul. The Man and I decided to be smart and head there a bit early, around 5:45. “Before the dinner rush,” I said… but boy was I wrong. We waited in line for a good 20 minutes, and we were lucky because as we sat eating our pizza, the line continued to grow longer.


The interior is a bit old-school art-deco – dark and lots of industrial-esque curlicues. There were tables on the right and the left side of the restaurant consisted of a bar, booths, as well as a larger table to accomodate a large group. Overall, I was surprised at how many people fit inside considering that from the outside, it looked tiny.




We were fairly hungry after walking around the area all day, so we decided to order a pizza as well as a side of fries. I’d heard good things about the fries and queso – and considering I basically lived off of queso and chips in college, I wanted to get it – you know, for nostalgia’s sake.

The fries were crispy, and there were a lot of them. Trust me, this isn’t just a “side” but someone could eat this as their meal if they wanted to. The queso came out in a small cast-iron pan, adorable – with bacon as a garnish (which made the Man very happy, let’s be honest).


And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for. When I heard it was a spot that specialized in Detroit-style pizza, I was a bit confused since I didn’t know what exactly that meant. But apparently, Detroit-style pizza is a long, beloved tradition – always square/rectangular with a crispy, greasy crust with a soft and chewy dough in the middle, the pepperoni goes on top of the dough and other toppings are put on top. The sauce is layered on last on the top.


I’m not sure if it was authentic or not since I don’t have anything to compare it to, but from what I’ve heard/read about Detroit-style pizza, this hit that description to the tee. I was impressed by the flavors and the presentation as well. The one pizza was more than enough for two to three people since the dough was quite thick.


Next time I’d love to try some of their other offerings – but the one we got, called “the Jackson 5” was definitely a great first choice. I’m usually not a fan of pepperoni but the flavors were not too overwhelming, and the jalapenos added the kick that the pizza needed from the melty, cheesy flavors.


While we were waiting, we were surprised to see that people started to line up by this kiosk and then leave. We found out that when the line starts to get a bit overwhelmingly long, you can put in your order and then receive a text message when a table is ready. Quite ingenious.

We’ll definitely be heading back to Motor City soon for more pizza, drinks, and some of that delicious queso.


To head to Motor City: Go to Itaewon Stn, line 6. Walk out of exit 4, about 350 meters until you pass a McDonald’s. Motor City will be in the next building, on the second floor. Yongsangu Itaewon-ro 140-1, 2nd floor. 02-794-8877

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